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Workshops available

The following is a sample of the workshops I provide within organisations or for private groups.

If you have a group of six or more people interested in this work we can explore dates or venues to suit or I will start/add you to a waiting list.

For training programmes designed for University Staff and Students do visit my sister website Training for Scientists.

Improve your confidence skills

Many people seem, to their friends and colleagues, confident, talented and able – yet internally they do not believe in themselves. Explore what confidence means for you, find the evidence for self belief and learn how to behave more confidently in a variety of social or work-related settings.

For further information or booking please do contact me.

Change – Survive and Thrive!

Change happens. Do we become victims or take the initiative to use it as an opportunity for growth?

Learn skills to reduce the stress associated with change and increase your chances of using this as a springboard to renewed success.

For further information or booking contact please do contact me.

Body Talk : Confident communication skillsan introductory session on improving communication skills.

Computers have manuals-why don’t people?

    Are there times when :

  • you know you said exactly the right thing but failed to have the effect you anticipated
  • you don’t know what it takes to get through to them?
  • they all heard the same message but understood it to mean something different?

In this session you will be introduced to different communication styles, how to recognise them and how to maximise effective communication.

For further information or booking please do contact me.

Working for a living or working for a life?!

A practical workshop helping you take stock of your lifestyle, identify your personal needs & values and to create strategies for a more rewarding life.

If you’re doing OK and you know there’s more to life – but you’re not sure exactly what, this is the workshop for you!

This rich personal development programme contains four component themes

  • Where are you now?
  • What’s holding you back?
  • Where are you going?
  • What’s it all about?

Please do contact me. if you have any questions.
All day workshop.

The Art of Influence!

A real “must” for people who work with people!

Using insights from the realms of psychometric testing and marketing this will take your ability to communicate your message to new levels.

In our marketing, we don’t sell a product we influence people. When we influence people we create other, new possibilities for them to feel and to experience. We are painting a picture in their mind of how they will look or feel when they are using one of our products or services.

This seminar features a unique combination of marketing skills and science of human behaviour, allowing you to recognise the real needs and desires that your products meet for different customers.

Please do contact me.

Creating a life that I love!

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to re-assess their priorities, to identify their core values and to invest in their personal growth.

In architecture, taller buildings require deeper foundations. So too in matters of personal development – to make progress requires that the personal foundations for growth are in place and secure. During these 4 weeks we will also look at a range of issues including

  1. time management
  2. setting priorities
  3. personal needs and values
  4. attitudes – to life, to success, to money
  5. personal vision and goals

This course will give you tools and support to discover what matters most in your life.

For further information or booking please do contact me.

Stop worrying, start living

What’s stopping you?

Fear of getting it wrong, showing yourself up, making decisions, change, whatever&133;

For most of us there’s something that, “If only it wasn’t there or that hadn’t happened”
then we’d be OK. However, if we choose to wait until we’re no longer afraid then we might be waiting a very long time!

By the end of the course you can expect to:

  • understand that we always have choices
  • know how to use language to support positive choices
  • take responsibility for what you can change – not for what you can’t!
  • have tools that you can use to support your personal growth

The day will be in two parts.

First we will look at worry, what we do, why we do it and more importantly, how to stop it! There are techniques that you can learn, tools you can use. They are not magic wands but, if you are committed to using them they will build up your skill and your strength.

We will also focus on the “Start living” aspect of the title, what to do to put something positive into our lives&133;

For further information or booking please do contact me.

This is only a sample of the seminars I offer so please, do contact me. to discuss your training needs.