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Please browse the three sections below : Assessments and information sheets, a selected archive of my newsletter and a number of Book recommendations.

Assessments and information sheets

OK, deciding to hire a coach is a big step.

While you’re deciding what to do, why not try these assessments? Download the pdf files now.

Clean Sweep: look at your life in a whole new way and identify the positive and negative energy in your life.

Wheel Maintenance: a visual way to identify areas in your life you might want to build upon.

Ready Set Goal!: a structured way to approach goal setting in that gives you a great chance of actually getting there!

Business Check: look at your business in a whole new way.

TheĀ The Schmooze Monger Laws – Guide to Networking will be of value whether you’re new to business or not!

When you’re done, please give me a call on
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Book recommendations

There are many great books available but so little time to read them!

Knowing the challenges of a busy lifestyle I’ve selected some of the “must read” books you could buy directly or put onto your wish lish list! I have written a few words about each book and included a direct link to the Amazon website so that you can read more information or make your purchase there. There is also a link to the Amazon Homepage so that you can browse for yourself!

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Do let me know if there are any additions you would like to see.

Feel the fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers
This wonderful book will give you a whole new outlook on life – honestly. If you’re looking for a confidence boost, start here. It doesn’t suggest you should try to “get rid of” your fear but that you can live with fear and “do it anyway”. As you increase your belief in yourself and your own abilities to cope with whatever life brings your way, doors open and amazing possibilities arise. The lessons to be learned are beautiful in their simplicity and deeply profound. You will immediately recognise them and wonder how you ever forgot them.
Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway…And if you haven’t the time to read, you might be able to listen in your car – Feel the fear and do it anyway audio bookFeel The Fear And Do It Anyway – How to…
End the struggle and dance with life by Susan Jeffers
This continues the journey begun in “Feel the fear…” but can be read on it’s own. It is full of wisdom, wonderful quotations which illustrate the principles and, yes, will take you further on your journey towards becoming yourself. You cannot fail to increase your confidence as you find an inner peace and security.End the Struggle and Dance with Life:…
Seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey
I was initially introduced to this book as being “a good book about time management”. In reality, it is so much more! This is a life management book that doen’t contain quick tips or fixes. It encourages you to get the basics right, to live a life that is based on honesty, integrity and personal values – and then shows you just how practical this can be for living a highly effective and productive life. I recommend this very highly.7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleAnd if you haven’t the time to read, you might be able to listen in your car – Seven habits of highly effective people audio book

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective…

Time to think by Nancy Kline
This wonderful book is a revelation in simplicity and it’s belief in the resourcefulness of the individual. At it’s core is a simple process of active listening. The structure and delivery of this focussed attention and the timing of the key question powerfully evokes our own soutions to challenges that at first seemed insurmountable. And, as in any situation, these “self-discovered” solution will unlock our potential more than any well-intended good advice. Nancy Kline describes how this process can be applied to individuals and to organisations.
Time to Think
Awake the giant within by Anthony Robbins
Awaken the Giant WithinAnd if you haven’t the time to read, you might be able to listen in your car – Awake the giant within audio bookAwaken the Giant Within: How to Take…

Who moved my cheese? by Spencer Johnson
Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to…
The e-myth revisited by Michael Gerber
The E Myth Revisited: Why Most Small…
Getting business to come to you
Getting Business to Come to You
Get Clients now! by CJ Hayden
Get Clients Now!: A 28-day Marketing…

More reviews to be added soon but feel free to take a quick look.

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