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One to one coaching

When you’re ready to change, one-to-one coaching works.

You clarify your goals, focus on solutions, decide to take action – starting now!

Working with a Coach you learn to access your innate creativity, stretch yourself, try something different.

You hold yourself accountable for making decisions and taking actions. You make sure each day takes you closer to your goal.

Where would you like to start?

We will work exclusively on your agenda. You might know exactly where you want to focus or you may want to try a few assessments to identify priority areas for our work together. I can suggest the best tools for you.

During a one to one coaching session you will identify clear, measurable targets for your own personal goals. These will be ambitious but achievable. Working with a coach gives you focus and a source of unfailing support. I will encourage you, challenge you, be an impartial sounding board and hold you accountable for your progress.

We can work through limiting beliefs or fears that are holding you back and create an environment where you just love to succeed.

Just choose the number of sessions for one to one telephone coaching:

3 x 50 minute calls each month for £200

2 x 50 minute calls each month for £150

1 X 50 minute call each month for £80

Calls may be take over one or two months or a longer term programme of support can be agreed. This is a real investment in your future success – can you put a value to that?

If you’re ready to begin coaching I’d love to hear from you. Call now on 0208 123 0099
or send an email.

“Your life coaching approach is simple, refreshing and easy to pick up. I found the changes I wanted for the future happened with an ease I had not expected. After the first call I was able to take responsibility and start to think on a way forward rather than being stuck on what went wrong and how things were unfair. The one to one time was money well spent.”

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