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About me – who am I?

I started my professional life as a research scientist and eventually became a university lecturer. I enjoyed my job – “How does it work?” has always inspired me – and I soon began taking a greater interest in how people and relationships worked.

My job relocated, family circumstances changed and and before I knew it, my own work-life balance was crazy.

I enjoyed everything but there was always too much to do, always someone who needed me, rarely time for me…

There wasn’t a ‘flash of lightening’ but I realised that if I didn’t care for myself, there would be nothing left to give to others, at work or at home. So I set about creating wealth, happiness and freedom – a life to love.

I became interested in coaching and then trained as a Professional Coach.

Becoming a Master Practitioner of NLP gave me tools and techniques to create change like never before.

Within a very short time I had decreased my working hours by 20%, increased my income by 20% and eliminated the daily commute.

Today I am creating a life that contains what I love most about my professional life – and I can show you how too…

Who are you?

You’re probably happy enough, life’s OK, certainly could be a lot worse… could also be a lot better.

You’re ready for change, something more, something different.

You may know exactly what you want but more likely you just have a vague idea of what might be possible, maybe…

Either way we can work together to create a vision and a plan for you to create a life you love.

You too can create a life that you love. Begin by believing that it is possible. Plan for it. Let’s make it happen!

It won’t always happen overnight but you might just surprise yourself at how quickly you can grow! The trick is to consistently work towards it and make it a reality – are you willing to commit to the first step – and then another… and another.

Are you ready to start?

Would you like to create your ideal life?

Call me now and take the first step – your life will never be the same!

“I’d like to take the opportunity to fully thank you for the clarity of vision I got from your session earlier. I was spurred to action! I now have a job I enjoy immensely. Once again, thank you, from a much happier Melanie”